Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine's Day Cupid's Heart Wreath

Happy almost Valentine's Day friends!! I finally got all of my Valentine's decorations up at the beginning of the week and I decided I needed another wreath to fill a spot on one of my walls. I made a fun Valentine's ribbon wrapped wreath last year, but you can never have enough wreaths hanging around, am I right?

I had seen a cute Cupid's arrow and heart style wreath at JoAnn's about a month ago and decided that instead of paying the $29.99 they wanted for it, I could make my own for a heck of a lot less. And I'm so happy I did. It is so cute and the perfect addition to my Valentine's decor.

Can't Get Started Without:
~heart shaped foam wreath
~spool of jute
~red fabric (I used a thick velvet scrap I had, but anything would work, even felt)
~1/4" dowel
~black felt
~needle and thread to match your red fabric
~fiberfill stuffing
~glue gun
~glue stick

To get started, I figured out where I wanted my dowel to go through my foam heart, and marked it with a pen. Then using that same pen, I made holes in each side of the heart.

Once I had my dowel holes made I started on the task of wrapping and gluing the jute around my foam heart. It was a bit tedious, but didn't take nearly as long I thought it would. :) When I got to the dowel holes, I kind of weaved my jute back and forth around them until I could just wrap normally again. It actually worked pretty good, not perfect, but A-OK in my books. ;)

Once my whole heart was wrapped, I placed my dowel and measured and marked how long it needed to be. Then I got my hubs to cut it for me.

Next it was time to make my heart shaped arrow head. First, I cut out two identical hearts from my fabric. I then hand stitched them together, leaving a big enough hole to put the fiberfill in.

After my heart was stuffed, I stitched the heart up a bit more leaving a hole just big enough to fit the dowel.

Almost done!!

The last step was to make and place my arrow feathers. I just drew up a template and cut out six feathers.

 I then cut fringe in the top of each feather.

I wanted the feathers to be stiff enough that they didn't flop over so I glued two together, leaving me with three feathers. I then glued them on the end of my dowel and my Cupid's Heart Wreath was complete.

So pretty! :)

To hang your wreath, you could either tie a ribbon around the top of the heart, or punch a hole in the back of the heart. I chose to make a hole in the back of the heart as I wanted it to just 'be' on the wall instead of hang on the wall.

I love how cute and simple this wreath was. I'm definitely glad I decided to make one!


  1. This is adorable! It looks good on the wooden fence. I might have to make one myself... I think I have all the supplies on hand too. :)

    1. Thanks Monica! That would be awesome if you decided to make one. I'd love to see the finished pics too!!