Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Super Simple DIY Sock SnowMen {Tutorial}

Well, let me be the one to officially say it 'Christmas is ONE WEEK AWAY!!' and if any of you are like me, you still feel like there is a mass of work left to be done. What with the last minute decorating, the baking, thefinding of the perfect gift, and just the general organization and clean-up that is required to host 20 of your closest relatives (lucky for me, this last one is not something I have to worry about this year.. whew!)

Well, if any of the last minute things you need to do, fall into the category of last minute decorating or finding the perfect gift, then I think this project may be just what you are looking for. :)

As I mentioned last week when I shared my Peanut Butter Reindeer Cookies, my mom was here visiting recently and one of the projects that she wanted to do with the kiddos happened to be these amazingly simple and cute DIY Sock Snowmen. She found this idea online and wasn't able to remember exactly where she found it from, so if you were the inspiration behind these little guys, Thank You!

As I mentioned before, these guys are soo easy to do. No sewing required, as long as you can cut and can find your way around a glue gun, you can have a few of these guys finished in under 15 minutes each.

Can't Get Started Without:
~glue gun and glue sticks
~white crew socks (the kind that have white toes and heels, I found mine at Wal-Mart)
~another variety of sock (design, colour combo is completely up to you)
~orange pipe cleaner
~small black beads
~white pom poms
~buttons (again colour, size and shape are up to you)
~elastic bands
~any other seasonal knick-knacks and craft supplies you have laying around

The more miscellaneous stuff you can find, the more fun you can have with decorating your snowmen.

Step 1:
Cut your crew sock about half an inch from the heel of the sock.

Step 2:
Turn your sock inside out and tie with an elastic an inch from cut end, then turn it back right side out.

Step 3:
Fill a glass full of rice and place the sock over the cup. Then, turn your cup upside down and fill your sock with rice. (Without the glass, this can be a VERY messy step, so please, please use the glass. You'll thank me later!)
Make sure not to overfill your sock. While you will get a fatter snowman, the sock will stretch so much that the rice will 'leak' out of the little holes created.

Step 4:
Using another elastic band, tie off the sock about a half inch from the open end. Then, take another elastic and tie it around the middle of your snowman, giving it a head and a body.

Step 5:
Cut the toe off your other sock about 3 inches down,

and place it on your snowman's head creating a hat.

You can roll up the end of your sock to create a brim.
Step 6:
Using the same sock as you used for your hat, cut a one inch strip from the sock. You should now have a circular piece of sock. Cut this so that you have a long strip.

Step 7:
Tie it around your snowman's neck and cut little strips into each end.

Step 8:
Take your pom poms and glue them onto the top of your hat. (You can use a many or as few as you'd like to create the size of pom pom you desire).

Step 9:
Glue your black beads onto your snowman giving him eyes.

Step 10:
Cut your orange pipe cleaner about an inch and a half long. Bend the cut piece in half and then bend out each end.
Please excuse the fuzzy pic, I zoomed in a little too much..Oops
Then stick it into the sock to give your snowman a nose.

Your snowman is really starting to come along now. 

Step 11:

Place two or three dabs of hot glue into the belly of your snowman,

and place your buttons.

And there you have it, finished, fini, finito, the end!! You now have an incredibly cute, little snowman that is guaranteed to make you say 'Awww'.

As you can see I got creative here and made a few.

I've decided to keep a couple for myself to put up on my mantle. The other two are going to be gifts for Miss J's teachers. What kinds of homemade gifts do you like to make for Christmas? If you decide to make any of these little guys I would LOVE to see the great ideas you come up with!

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  1. Super cute!!! Snowmen are my favorite! Perfect craft for kids. I can imagine a whole mantel of them!

  2. So so so adorable!! I've pinned this to try next year, and great tutorial, thank you so much!