Thursday, January 22, 2015

Project 52 {Week 2}

Project 52 is moving right along! I am managing to post my projects the week that I finish them in the Project 52 Facebook group {I would love it if you would join us in the group!} but am running a bit behind with the posts here. But I am finishing one project a week and that's what really matters, right?! {If you are new and want to know more about Project 52, check it out here!}

For the second week, I made this adorable dress for my youngest daughter. I was chosen by Mandy K Designs to be a pattern tester for her English Rose dress and I adore this dress!

I decided to try piping for the first time and I LOVE how it turned out on the Peter Pan collar. It was much simpler than I was anticipating, mostly because of this wonderful tutorial by Little Girl Pearl. Thank goodness for people who know insider tips and share them with others!


The large bow in the back of the dress is so cute and even more so when my 16-month-old is toddling around with the bow bobbing around behind her.

The pleated sash is adorable but I will be honest: I had a hard time with it for some reason. I wasn't happy with the first two tries and am still not 100% thrilled with the finished product. I think it's because I used thinner, cheaper fabric and it just didn't hold the shape was well as it could have. The pattern does have the option for a simple plain sash and when I make this dress again I will probably skip the pleats for the simple option.

Overall though, the dress is adorable! And {pleated sash and all} I just love it.

Two down, fifty to go! 

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