Saturday, January 24, 2015

Huckleberry Life: 5+1=6... Here we go again!!

Yes, you read correctly. Another little Huckleberry will be joining our family this Summer!

This little ornament was the perfect way to announce the soon to be newest addition to our family. It is a perfect keepsake that I will treasure forever!
I feel like I was just making the announcement that our family was growing to 5 and now we are on our way to 6!! Holy smokes, things are about to get very busy.

The desire to have four children has been in me since the day I decided I wanted to have kids, so for like 20 years. :) I can honestly say that Dwayne was ready to call 'er quits after our third little lady came into the picture last Spring, but after some thought and consideration we decided a fourth would just complete our family perfectly. I mean, we're already outnumbered anyway, so why not, lol. :)

Ultrasound at 21 weeks. Everything looks great!!
I cannot wait to meet this new little person! As we have done with all of our babies, we won't find out the gender until he or she arrives so until then, the excitement and anticipation will be building.

My three little ladies are so excited to meet their new little playmate and I cannot wait to see them all together. They seem to have mixed ideas about what we will be having this time around. Jaydn is insistent that we will have a little boy this time, whereas Brynn is definitely against that idea, lol. Either way, I know the four of them will be the best of friends. :)

I can't wait to introduce you all to this new little person in a few months, but until then I'll be posting lots of fun baby related things. I have a feeling my crochet hooks will be very busy. :)