Wednesday, September 16, 2015

My Three Girls Are So Excited to Introduce Their New Baby......

As we mentioned in our most recent MAAM, we went on a bit of a break this Summer to spend time with family and just keep up with all of the business of kids being out of school. Part of the reason I was so busy was because we welcomed a new baby at the end of May. We never find out the gender of our babies before they're born and this time was no exception, but after having 3 girls we naturally just assumed we'd be having another..... but.....

It's A Boy!!!!!

Brooks Douglas
9lbs 7oz ~ 21.25"

The moment that he was born and Dwayne announced to me that we had a little boy was so surreal. I remember that I just broke down and cried. I was in such a state of shock and so incredibly happy that I couldn't contain my emotions. I know I also asked the nurses and Dwayne several times if 'they were sure'... They even made a point to show me 'the goods' so to speak to reassure me that they hadn't just been mistaken. Ha!

I absolutely adore my three girls but never even realized how much I wanted a boy until I had one. My heart is so full now and can very honestly say that my family is complete.

Brooks is the perfect fourth child. So relaxed and chill. He rarely cries, sleeps like a dream and is a wonderful cuddler. 

Now that he is 3 months old his personality is really shining through and I love his huge grins and baby belly laughs. This little man has completely stolen our hearts.

His big sisters adore him too and are constantly oohing and aahing over him. Jaydn continues to be the little mom, picking him up if he is starting to get fussy and fetching diapers and blankets all the time. 

Brynn just wants to sit and play with him (now that he giggles; her mission is to make that happen as much as possible). 

And Taylor, who I was concerned may be a little over zealous and rough with him (she was only 14 months when he was born after all) is incredibly gentle and sweet with him. She loves to rub his peach fuzz head and give him kisses. 

This little boy will never lack any attention, that is for sure!!

I'm so happy to finally be sharing this exciting new news with all of you, and now I'm going to go cuddle my boy. ;)

*All photos are copyright of SEEM Photography* 


  1. Wonderful news, congratulations! He's perfect...and your photos are gorgeous :)

  2. Jamie, congratulations on the new addition to your family. These are the cutest family photos. I know your heart is filled with joy and love for each of these precious children.

    1. Thanks Sarah, it is. These little people are my whole world. :)

  3. What a beautiful family! Brooks is adorable. I'm sure you are over the moon. Congratulations...what a wonderful little man you have there!

    1. Thanks Heather. We're pretty happy with him over here. ;)