Friday, April 24, 2015

'Sensational Strawberries' First Birthday Party!

I can't believe my littlest just turned one. It saddens me how fast they grow, but it is so much fun to watch! The changes they go through in such a short span of time is fascinating.

Anyway, I like to have themed parties for my girls so I decided to go with a Strawberry party for Taylor. They are probably her favourite fruit and are super cute so it was a no brainer.

For party decor I chose a bright pink and lime green colour palette. It just seemed younger and more girly then the traditional red and green. So, with a few colour coordinated balloons, streamers, tablecloths, dinnerware and a handmade Strawberry banner (of course) the Strawberry themed party came to life!

I even made a tissue paper #1 for the front door. Check back later for a full tutorial on how you can make your own. They make a great wall hanging for a childs room too.

Parties are never a party without some munchies so besides having a boatload of strawberries to munch on, we also had a veggie patch (veggie tray), strawberry and grape shish-kebobs, chips and queso, popcorn chicken, fries and wings and a few strawberry flavoured candies.

For dessert I made strawberry cupcakes for the party attendees and a strawberry smash cake for the birthday girl.

Thanks to Jill, the treats were decorated beautifully, and obviously from Taylor's reaction to her cake,

they were delicious too!!

And just because there weren't already enough sweet treats for the kids, we had strawberry ice cream cones as well. :)

A lot of Taylor's party guests were a bit older than her so we had to have some games to play.

Pin the Tail on the Donkey is always a hit with the kids so I made up a Pin the Stem on the Strawberry game.

I wanted to have a pinata too, so even though I couldn't find a strawberry one and didn't have time to make one, I found a super cute #1 that worked perfectly.

The last game we played was by far my favourite. While the kids were outside in the backyard playing, I went into the front yard and threw a bunch of Brach's strawberry filled hard candies everywhere. I then told the kids that a strawberry patch had grown up in the front yard and we needed help gathering all of the strawberries. Then we let the kids loose out front for a strawberry picking free for all. (It was basically like an Easter egg hunt). The kids loved it!!

All of the games were a huge hit and even though she is only one, we found a way to include Taylor in all of them.

We always like to send our guests home with a little treat to say thank you, so in sticking with the strawberry theme, I made chocolate covered strawberries for all of our attendees. Yummy!!

All in all the party was a huge success and even though she couldn't exactly tell me herself, I know she had an absolute blast!!

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