Friday, October 3, 2014

Pink Poodle Crochet Hat {Halloween Costume Idea}

I can't believe that it is already October! Halloween is just around the corner and it's starting to get into crunch time for finishing up, or in some cases, starting those Halloween costumes. Today I'm going to share a really cute hat that could easily be finished up in time for the big day.

Ella, Jill's oldest, decided that this year she wanted to be a pink poodle for Halloween. This, I'm sure, came as a pleasant surprise, since all of our girls have been in non-stop Frozen mode for the last 8 months or so and my two oldsest are still set on being Anna and Elsa for Halloween. Jill, being the creative miss that she is, of course wanted to make a poodle costume for Ella so went searching online for some creative and simple ideas. When she came across this pattern for a really cute crochet poodle hat by Boomer Beanies, she came to me to see if I could help her out. I was a bit nervous at first as I had never done a loop stitch before, but I was also excited to take on the challenge. And I'm so glad I did, as this is one if the cutest hats ever!

 The pattern is pretty simple to follow and I basically kept everything about it the same. The only thing I changed were the eyes and nose. I like the look of crochet eyes better than button eyes so I just made a simple crochet round in brown yarn followed by a bit of white. As for the nose, I initially followed the pattern but it was a bit pointier and smaller than I liked so I just kind of free handed it to make it a bit rounder.

The only other thing I did, was follow the pattern for the 9-24 month size instead of the 3-10 year size because it was coming out much larger than I anticipated!!! The pattern for the 9-24 month size is even borderline on the big size and this is for a 5 year old girl. So, just be aware of the size of the person you're making this for, as you may find you need to cut back on your round increases as well.

Other than those couple of things, I followed this pattern to the letter and it came out great! Jaydn loved modelling it and I'm pretty sure that when miss Ella sees it she'll be super excited to wear it for Halloween too!

Here are a few more pics, I just couldn't resist all the cuteness!

Just a couple more... it really is so darn cute!


Ok, just one more I promise...

 I'm so pleased with how this hat turned out! I can't wait to see how Miss Ella looks in it once her whole costume is complete. Make sure to check back as I'll update with the completed look after Halloween.

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