Saturday, October 4, 2014

Huckleberry Life: A Dino-Mite Birthday Party

Last weekend we hosted the first (of hopefully many!) events at our new house. I think that perhaps I was a little crazy to host a gathering of 40+ people a mere month after moving in, but it was well worth it. Afterall, my little guy was turning 3!
I'd love to say that I took a million Pinterest-worthy photos, but I didn't. There was a lot of last minute scrambling to get the house cleaned and I'm not ashamed to say that our dining room was piled high with unpacked boxes and our closets were crammed with items that have yet to find a spot in our new home. And you know what? I was okay with that.
Mainly because the day was about this little cutie. And all he wanted was a dino-mite dinosaur birthday party. He didn't care if everything was perfect, he just wanted to have a good time on his special day! :)
I did manage to do a little decorating (think lots of streamers and balloons!), but there was no way I could go all out, mainly because most of those unpacked boxes in our dining room contain all of my craft stuff. *sigh* But, I did hear that there were dinosaur tracks leading to our front door with a "dinosaur crossing" sign there to warn guests to be on the lookout for prehistoric creatures!

We kept the food simple and kid-friendly. (I don't have any pictures, but it was all delicious!) We grilled out burgers and hot dogs, and we also served potato salad, fruit, Texas Caviar, Calico Beans and Pretzel Jell-O. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

 There were about 15 kids that came to the party, so we had a few games to entertain them all! First there was a dinosaur egg hunt, which they all loved! I filled the eggs with mini dinosaurs and dinosaur tattoos and we hid them all over the yard. Each child had a bag with their name on it that was decorated with dinosaur stickers to put their eggs in. They all LOVED this game and my boys still make me hide "dino eggs" in the backyard everyday. Ha ha!

I found this adorable triceratops piñata at Target and had to snag it for Connor's party! We filled it with Starburst, fruit snacks, Twizzlers and Skittles (no nuts for my niece who is allergic) and the kids all had a go at hitting the piñata. My 10 year-old nephew eventually broke it and of course chaos ensued as they all frantically scrambled to grab the candy!

The cupcakes were simple. Some were chocolate, some were vanilla and they all were topped with cream cheese icing. Connor had seen these little dinosaur cupcake decorations at JoAnn's and wanted them for his party. Who was I to tell him no?!

On the way out all of the guests grabbed one of these cute little t-rex cookies to eat on the way home. My friend Karissa is an amazing baker and these sugar cookies are her specialty!

It was such a wonderful day full of family, friends and food. Things have been extremely chaotic and stressful for us this summer since the move. It was great to have a fun day with the people we loved, celebrating one of our sweet kiddos. We're looking forward to having another party soon in our new home. :)

 As the last guest was leaving, we were treated to a beautiful sky courtesy of mother nature. The perfect ending to a perfect day. :)
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