Friday, September 26, 2014

{DIY} Coffee Filter Wreath

Happy Friday, Y'all! 
I can't believe we're actually getting some cool weather down here in Texas. It's finally enjoyable to bike my Kindergartener to and from school. And I was even super comfortable in my favorite pair of jeans today! Celebrating the little things... 

I just love this time of year. After living in the midwest, I'll always miss those awesome crisp fall days.  So for what Texas lacks in the fall department, I make up with fall decor. I'm allowed to pretend we have four seasons, right? Our entryway was missing something, so I decided to make this fall wreath, out of a simple household item: coffee filters! 

I fell in love with Emily's coffee filter wreath, and just had to make one for myself. She went with white filters, while I chose to tea-stain mine for a different look. I can't decide which one I like better! maybe I'll make a white one for spring :-)

Want to make one for yourself? It's super easy!

All you need is:
About 400 coffee filters
Tea bags (if staining)
Chopstick or screwdriver
Straw wreath form- I chose to go with a larger one, but any size works

First, if you plan on staining the coffee filters, set aside a few days for the process. I just brewed up a large pot of extra-strong tea (think 5 family size lipton tea bags for 3-4 inches of water), and soaked the coffee filters for a few minutes. I made sure to separate them before getting them wet. Afterwards, I hung them on a make shift clothes line system across my dining room. I wish I would have gotten a photo of 400 coffee filters line drying! You have to make sure they're completely dry before moving onto the next step.

Next, I took the coffee filter and placed my chopstick in the center. I wrapped the filter around the chopstick and jammed it into the straw wreath form. 

Because I wanted a dense wreath, I did this every half inch or so. It's more time-consuming, but definitely worth it in my eyes!

I made sure to only cover the face, outer diameter, and inner edges of the wreath with coffee filters, leaving the back plain. This way, it lays flat against the wall. 

Finish it off with a bow and admire how warm and welcoming it is!

I absolutely love how it turned out and can't wait to show you guys more of my fall decorations!

Have a great weekend and enjoy this cool weather!
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  1. Excited to feature your darling wreath at the Hit Me With Your Best Shot Party tonight! Hope you'll come join the party again this week...Can't wait to see the creativity you bring!
    ~Ariean {OneKriegerChick}

  2. Pretty craft. A bit hard on the hands. I used a screwdriver to loosen up the straw wreath before using the chopstick.