Friday, August 1, 2014

Rustic Bridal Shower Photo Display

Last weekend, I threw a bridal shower for my little sister and her future hubby. I can't believe that she's getting married! She is the youngest out of my six siblings and I... and to me, she'll forever be a sweet, troublesome little 3 year-old who would run out of the house naked! (She's going to kill me for writing that!)

I wanted to make a photo display for her shower, something simple, yet fun and rustic looking. Their wedding is more a laid-back, rustic type of 'do... so I wanted her shower to be the same. Be sure to come by next week to see how it the whole shower turned out. :)

While perusing the local Goodwill, I stumbled upon this dated photo.. but, the frame was in excellent condition and the perfect size for what I wanted to create. I knew with just a little bit of work, I could transform it into just the type of photo display I was looking for. And for 3 bucks, it was a done deal!

First, using a flathead screwdriver and pliers, I popped the staples out of the back of the frame and removed the picture. Then, I washed it off and used 150 grit sandpaper to even it out a bit. After that, I simply applied two coats of white acrylic paint to the frame. When the paint was dry, I used a staple gun and hot glue to attach the twine to the back of the frame. I used the same steps as I did on my Advent Calendar, in case you need a picture tutorial.

These flowers were found in the Scrapbook section of JoAnn's. Their colors were perfect and they add a nice, simple touch to the display. I found the miniature light blue clothespins there as well. I made the orange sign on PicMonkey. The words are lyrics from their "first dance" song, which is "Making Memories of Us" by Keith Urban.

Then, all that was left to do was to choose which pictures to use! They are the cutest couple, so it was hard picking out which pictures to put in the display. When I finally narrowed it down, I ordered them online thru CVS, making sure that I changed each of them to a Sepia tone. It seemed to be a bit more rustic looking than black and white.

My sister and her fiancée both love how the display turned out. In fact, they're going to use it as a decoration for their wedding and afterwards, it'll be hung in their home!

This would be a great way to display photos for any occasion, as it can be easily customized. I just love creating things like this for people that I love. Perhaps I'll be making a few more for family members in the near future. :)

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  1. Very, very cute!
    What a great idea!
    Thanks for sharing,

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