Friday, May 9, 2014

Arrgh, mateys! Pirate Themed Birthday Party

It's that time again, another birthday is coming up in our house. My Emmie is turning two! My baby is growing up so fast... Anyways, I was starting to plan a little party for her and then I remembered that I never posted about Harry's pirate party. So here it goes... 

You guys might remember Harry's Fireman party from last year, so topping that was not an option. Sometimes I can get a little carried away :-) But when Harry announced that he wanted a Jake and the Neverland Pirate's party, I was so excited to get planning. It turned out to be pretty awesome and the kids had a blast!

Harry wanted to look like Jake and Ella like Izzy, so I set up a dress like a pirate table for the kids as they came in. All the little pirates were super cute! And of course they had to have tattoos, so I made an 'ink station' with a spray water bottle and temporary tattoos.

He loved his banner with the crocs below, waiting to chomp :-)

To snack on, we had shark bait (Swedish fish), salty sea popcorn, fruity booty, peg legs (bbq cocktail weenies), pirate pinwheels, an octopus vegetable garden, and catch of the day (gold fish).

And what better way to get a party started, than this awesome plank? My husband used some pallets that we had hanging around the garage and put the plank at the end of the deck. It was really nice and secure, so even the little ones had a fun time balancing down the plank. Also, it worked as a great line up for the pinata, so no one was too close to a kid with a bat!

Speaking of pinatas, I made this super cute treasure chest pinata out of boxes. Which I don't recommend doing unless it's a pull string pinata, like this one. It took a grown man to bust it, but the kids still loved all of the smashing action! Paper mache next time?

And last but not least, the cake! I made a pirate ship cake with a couple cakes stacked and shaped down, frosted with chocolate frosting and topped with characters from Harry's toy pirate ship. Blue cupcakes made the water.

We were so happy to celebrate our little man turning 3. Thanks to all of our friends and family that came out and made it happen :-) 

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  1. How fun! It looks like all those pirates had an awesome time :) I love the cake!

  2. so fun, my boys would LOVE this!! Pinned!!