Saturday, March 29, 2014

Schoolboy Vest {Pattern Tester}

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A few weeks ago I was honored to be chosen as a pattern tester for Abby over at Sew Much Ado. It was my first time ever to test a pattern out and I was equal parts nervous, excited, intimidated, and just plain happy. I LOVE trying out new patterns and new projects. And to be able to make a brand new pattern for someone who loves sewing as much as I do...dream come true moment, guys. {yes, I really do love sewing that much.}

To top it off, the pattern she was having us test was a darling schoolboy vest pattern, perfect for my little man, who never gets projects sewn for him. He doesn't ever complain {because he is super sweet and also because he is two and is usually more interested in trains} but when I told him I was making him a vest, he just beamed and beamed.

Like this!

Since Easter is coming up, I decided to make the vest out of seersucker because, honestly, it doesn't get much more spring than that. Plus, every Southern gentleman {no matter his size} needs something in seersucker. 

The vest turned out SO. CUTE.

And it is very professional looking with the back tie, which turned out to be super simple to do but had a huge impact. I love this little detail.

I tested out the faux welt pockets and they are adorable! I can't wait to make another vest and make the real welt pockets. It will be my first attempt but Abby's instructions are super clear so I am not worried in the slightest.

Another thing I really liked about this pattern is that it catered to my neurosis. I am not a big fan of buttons because I am always worried that I will not have them spaced evenly. I would rather put in a hundred zippers than four buttons. True story. BUT there is an awesome buttonhole guide, so all the guess work is taken out of spacing. It was really easy to figure out and came out perfectly!

My little man loves this vest. It was the easiest photo shoot EVER because he was just so giddy in his new "stripe-y vest".

Now that I have his Easter vest complete, I am going to start working on one for his ring bearer outfit for my brother's wedding in May.

The pattern for the schoolboy vest is available on Etsy for instant download and comes in sizes 6 m- 12 years. And don't think that boys are the only ones who would want a vest! Several other testers made this same patterns for their little girls and it was so stinking cute.

Now that I have one pattern testing under my sewing belt, I am hooked. I can't wait to try some more! And if my son has anything to say about it, more little boys' patterns.


  1. Oh, isn't that dear! I love that you made if from seersucker. Perfect. :)

  2. looks awesome! What a cute model too!

  3. so stinkin cute! Thanks so much for linking this up to The Friday Frenzy!

  4. The seersucker is seriously so adorable, I need to make my boys some vests out of it! The whole look is so cute together, I love the hat, tie, and shirt too!

  5. Your boy is just the cutest thing ever--and you did a great job sewing too. But even if the vest was a wreck, no one would care because the pictures are so adorable. Great photo shoot, and great sewing! Thanks for linking up with the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party. I have pinned your post to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Board!