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10 Fun, At-Home Gender Predictors

10 Fun, At-Home Gender Predictors, Gender Prediction Tests, At-home gender predictors.
As most of you know, I am expecting my third baby and he/she is due in only 4 short weeks!!! (where did the time go?) I really love the torture surprise of not finding out the sex of the baby beforehand so as with my two other kiddos, I have absolutely no clue what to expect come d-day (delivery day). Gender predictors.

I'm not sure why, but this time seems to be the hardest for me not finding out. It may be because this is potentially my last baby (at least if my hubby had it his way) so in these last few weeks before, I've been trying out a few of the old wives tales that some people swear by. :) Gender predictions to do at home.

I will share my results of every 'test' I try and then after my little bundle arrives, I will share an update of which ones worked and which ones were fails. 10 at-home gender predictors.

#1. chinese gender prediction chart, chinese gender prediction chart, chinese gender prediction cart, chinese gender prediction chart
The Chinese Gender Prediction Chart

Just enter in your age at conception and the month of conception and Voila! you can find out your babies gender.


#2. baking soda pee test gender predictor, baking soda pee test gender predictor, baking soda pee test gender predictor, baking soda pee test.
The Baking Soda Pee Test

Zip, nada nothing. Not a touch of fizz...
Yes, this one seems a bit gross as you have to essentially play with your urine, but I figure you pee in a cup everytime you go to a prenatal appointment anyway, so why not at home! :) All you have to do is add some of your pee to some baking soda in a cup. If it fizzes you've got a boy on the way, if nothing happens a girl. 


The Hairline Test

Looks pretty straight across to me.
This won't work if this is your first baby, but if your are working on a subsequent child, this one is easy to try. Just look at the neck hairline of the child preceding this baby, if the hairline goes straight across, the new baby will be the same sex as the last one. If your child's neck hairline come to a point, your new little bundle will be the opposite sex as your previous baby.


Odd or Even?

According to Mayan tradition, if you total the mothers age at conception with the year of conception and the answer is an even number, you're having a girl. If the number is odd, a little bundle of blue is in your not so distant future.

28+2013= 2041 ODD


#5. Babies heartbeat, babies heartbeat, babies heartbeat, babies heartbeat, babies heartbeat, babies heartbeat, babies heartbeat, babies heartbeat.
Babies Heartbeat
It happened to be 143 bpm at this appointment.
The next time you got to your doc and hear that precious heartbeat, pay attention to how many beats per minute your little one is pumping. If it seems like your little bundle is running a marathon on there (over 140 bpm) expect a little girl. If your baby seems to be more of the couch potato kind (under 140 bpm) a little boy just might be on the way.
 into a 
Result: Inconclusive
(babies heart beat has ranged from 135-155 at different appointments)

#6. The ring test, the ring test, the ring test, the ring test, the ring test, the ring test, the ring test, the ring test, the ring test, the ring test.
The Ring Test

Not only is your wedding ring a sign of eternal love, but apparently it can also predict the gender of your baby to be. Just tie a string around your wedding ring and hang it over that baby bump. If the ring starts to swing back and forth, it's a girl. Ring swinging in a circle, think blue.


Check Your Cravings

Does the idea of chips and dip or crackers and cheese make your mouth start to water? If you answered yes, there may be a boy on the horizon, but if the idea of pie and ice cream every night sends you into a tailspin, prepare to share with your daughter!

Result: (considering my obsession with McDonalds Mocha Frappes at the moment, I'd say I'm craving sweets)

Sleep Position

When you go to bed tonight, pay attention to what side you turn to. If you're more comfortable on your Left side you'll have a boy. Right side? It's a girl.


Feel Your Feet

If this pregnancy is giving you cold, dry hands and feet, expect a boy. Soft and warm? Probably a girl.


Garlic, Garlic, Garlic

Not only can garlic keep vampires at bay, but it can also predict the sex of your baby. Eat a clove of garlic and if the smell leaks out through your pores, it's a boy. No smell? Girl.
(I would suggest mixing the garlic into something, pasta, soup etc as eating a clove of garlic alone does not sound appetizing to me. at. all!)

Result: (I smelt bad.. enough said)

After trying these 10 quick and fun tests I am sitting at 6 , 3  and 1 inconclusive. It will be very interesting to find out which ones were correct. I can't wait to share my results the news with all of you!

*As with most things, these predictors are just for fun. I would not go out and buy a new baby wardrobe or decorate a nursery based on these predictions. If you really want to know what you are having, contact you doctor and he/she can schedule an ultrasound or blood test to give you accurate results.*

Have you tried any of these gender predictors before? Will you give them a try now? I'd love to hear your results. :)

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  1. These are great! I'll be sure to try them next time.

  2. This is so fun! My friend has opted out of having the doctor tell her the sex of her baby, but has done fun predictors like the Chinese chart. I'm going to share this list with her.

    1. I can understand your friends choice to not find out, I love the surprise!! It's nice to have fun little things like this help us get through the anticipation of finding out. :)

  3. What a great list! I remember doing the ring test when I pregnant with my oldest son! Thanks for sharing over at That's Fresh Friday this weekend.

  4. How fun are those?!?! I think I'm too much of a planner (okay, I'm straight-up obsessive) to wait to find out...but it does sound fun! I'm pinning to try these someday anyway!!! :)

    - Brooke -