Friday, December 27, 2013

Party Hat Hair Clip {Guest Post}

We're taking a little bit of a blogging break this week, but never fear... we have some amazing guest posters lined up for y'all! Today, Stephanie from The Tip Toe Fairy is sharing this super cute Party Hat Hair Clip. Your little girl will be the talk of your New Year's Eve Party when she walks in wearing this little number! Take it away, Stephanie. :)

The TipToe Fairy

Hey everyone! I'm so excited to be guest blogging over here today at Huckbleberry Love! I'm Stephanie from The TipToe Fairy. I blog about crafting, cupcakes, book reviews, and more. If you'd like to come check me out, my social links are below:

Today I've brought you something fun just in time for New Year's! Now that Christmas is over it's time to get the party started in celebrating the new year, and what better way than some festive party hat hair clips? These are quick and easy to make, and you can make some for your little girls or even for yourself! (And...when Halloween rolls around again, you whip this tutorial out to make yourself a little witch hat hair clip, too!)

The TipToe Fairy's Party Hat Hair Clip Tutorial

1 Alligator hair clip
1/4 yd of 2 1/4 inch grosgrain ribbon
3 inches of 3/8 inch grosgrain ribbon
6 inch scrap of tulle
1/2 inch pompom ball
fray check (or lighter)
hot glue gun

The TipToe Fairy's Party Hat Hair Clip Tutorial

1. Cut a 2 1/4 inch piece of the 2 1/4 inch wide ribbon. Then cut it into a rounded triangle like so. Use fray check or a lighter to seal the raw edges.

The TipToe Fairy's Party Hat Hair Clip Tutorial

2. Make it into a cone shape and hot glue it closed. Seal the edges at the bottom of the cone. 3. Take a 1 1/2 inch piece of the same 2 1/4 inch grosgrain ribbon and round the edges into a circle. Seal the edges.

The TipToe Fairy's Party Hat Hair Clip Tutorial

4. Take the 6 inch piece of tulle and cut it in half, so you'll have two 3-inch pieces. Then, take each piece, and put a drop of hot glue in the middle and gather it in the middle. (I scrunch the middle together, than roll it a little between my fingers.)

5. Once you have gathered the middle of both pieces, then lay them on top of each other as shown and hot glue together in the middle. Now you have a little "tulle bow."

The TipToe Fairy's Party Hat Hair Clip Tutorial

6. Glue your tulle bow to the center of the round ribbon piece.

7. Next glue around the edge of the cone, then place the cone directly on top of the tulle bow.

The TipToe Fairy's Party Hat Hair Clip Tutorial

8. Cover your alligator clip with ribbon. You can use double-sided fillet tape, which you can buy at hairbow making places. Or you can attach the ribbon with hot glue.

The TipToe Fairy's Party Hat Hair Clip Tutorial

9. Embellish your little party hat any way you'd like. I finished this one with a 1/2 inch size pompom for the very top, and a little polka dot ribbon bow at the base. But, feel free to go wild and add rhinestones, buttons, tiny pompoms, and more.

10. Hot glue along the top of the alligator clip and firmly attach it to the bottom of the circle to finish the clip. Now you're done! Let the glue harden, and then clip in that party hat to celebrate the new year!

The TipToe Fairy's Party Hat Hair Clip Tutorial

How adorable is this little party hat? And how adorable is her little model? Be sure to pin this creation... it's a wonderful idea! Thanks again, Stephanie, for sharing this craft with our readers. Happy Friday, everyone!

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