Thursday, November 21, 2013

Tulle Turkey Shirt {Tutorial}

You guys know that I love making holiday shirts for my daughter {see here and here} so now that Thanksgiving is right around the corner, it was time to make another one! Since my hands are little full at the moment with a newborn, I wanted to make sure that I didn't bite off more than I could chew. This cute little turkey shirt only took me a couple of hours {if you don't count the breaks for nursing} and Evie loves it! Even better, I was able to use items that I already had on hand. {What? You don't have four different colored tulle on hand?}

-Spools of tulle
-Scraps of fabric {for turkey body and beak}
-Small piece of red ribbon
-Heat n Bond
-Fray Check
-Permanent Marker

 1. Apply the Heat n Bond according to package instructions to your scrap of fabric for the turkey body.

2. Find a turkey outline that you like online and trace it on the fabric. Cut it out. {Cue Full House flashback.}

3.  Apply the fray check around the raw edges.

4. After drawing the eyes on with the permanent marker, cut out a small triangle of your other scrap fabric for the beak. Be sure to treat the edges with fray check as well. Fold your small piece of red ribbon in half. Sew around the edge of the triangle, slipping the red ribbon underneath as you sew.

5. Unspool your tulle {I'm a poet and I didn't know it!}, and cut it 12 inches long.


6. With your iron on it's lowest setting, fold the tulle in half and iron. Then fold over again and iron. Do this for all the tulle pieces. I used 7 pieces.


7. Set your thread length to its longest setting and run the twice-folded tulle through the machine, keeping the stitch in the middle of the tulle.

8. Gather your tulle until it's about 6 inches long.

9. Figure out the placement of your turkey body. Place the body where you want it and then fold the tulle in half and pin it so that it will be hidden under the turkey body fabric. Be sure to pin well.

10. Once all your tulle pieces have been arranged, remove the turkey body fabric and sew the tulle in place. I used an invisible thread for this so I didn't have to change the threads to match each tulle piece.

11. Remove the backing of your Heat n Bond from the turkey body and iron down. Sew around the edge of the turkey.

12. DONE!

13.  Try not to spill gravy or cranberry sauce on that cute little gobbler's face.

And now, some gratuitous shots of my adorable, darling daughter wearing the shirt. 

This adorable little turkey shirt took no time at all and was really simple. I love projects like that! Especially when your daughter is so excited to wear it!

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