Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Huckleberry Love Handmade Holiday Gift Guide Sign-Up {2013}

Good morning, friends!

As you may know, a few of us ladies here at Huckleberry Love are small business owners. Creating handmade items are our passion and something that we love to share with others. :)
This holiday season, we've decided to open up our arms (and blog!) to other small business owners. We want to collaborate with YOU to create an amazing Handmade Holiday Gift Guide. If this is something that interests you, please keep on reading for more information!

The Details
*Gift Guide will promote Etsy Shops and other small businesses
*Entrants are highly encouraged to offer a special discount to HL readers who are referred to their shops via the Gift Guide
*The Handmade Holiday Gift Guide will be heavily promoted via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest (and blog, if applicable) by all involved. This could result in huge traffic bumps (and sales) for our shops. We encourage everyone participating to share the Handmade Gift Guide button with their followers so that we can spread the word as much as possible!
*Shop owners who also have a blog will be emailed an HTML code for our button before the Guide goes live. We ask that you include it in a post on your blog to let your readers know about the Handmade Holiday Gift Guide and/or place it on your sidebar for the duration of the Gift Guide's run.
*The Gift Guide will go LIVE at 8am on Black Friday and will run thru 11:59pm on December 15th, giving us all as much time as possible to fill holiday orders.
*Inclusion in the Handmade Holiday Gift Guide is absolutely FREE! We want to help promote YOU!
*Each shop will have their own small write-up in the guide, which will include:
-a picture of your choice
-price range of items in your shop
-our favorite item in your shop
-your discount (percentage, dollar amount, free shipping, etc.) and your discount code (if applicable)

**Update: We are NO LONGER accepting Jewelry Shops for the Gift Guide!!**

If you'd like to be included in the 2013 Handmade Holiday Gift Guide, please fill out this form.

We'd love for you to share the opportunity to be included in the Gift Guide with other small business owners that you may know. Please spread the word so that we can have the most eclectic, fun and creative Holiday Gift Guide this season!

All participants must be registered and have their form filled out and sent to us by no later than Friday, November 22nd.

We are so excited to discover new shops and to share with our readers your amazing talent and creations. Together we can help each other promote and grow our businesses. :)

Let's all shop handmade this holiday season!

If you have any questions, comments, or ideas- I'd love to hear them! Please email me directly at and include Handmade Holiday Gift Guide in the subject line. Thanks! :)

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