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Huckleberry Life: Introducing Lydia

Hey everyone! We have been introducing you to each one of us and giving you a little peek into our lives on our Tuesday editions of Huckleberry Life. I hope you have been enjoying getting to know us better! 

Now it's my turn to say "hello" and tell you a little bit more about myself and my family.

I'm Lydia. I am the oldest of four kids and have lived my whole life in Texas. Yeehaw! Just kidding. I don't really say that. But I do really say "y'all" and I do call any sort of soda a coke. I just can't help it. 
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 I have two younger sisters and a younger brother and we are evenly spaced two years apart. Growing up, my family was always on the go. We loved to camp, go on family vacations, play games together and just have fun with each other. While it was probably pretty stressful on my mom at times to have us so close in age (I am just now beginning to understand how stressful!), we grew up to become the best of friends and I am so thankful to have such amazing siblings. I love them all so much and am so incredibly proud of all of them for their outstanding accomplishments. The great relationship that I share with my siblings was part of the reason that my husband and I wanted to have our kids so close in age too. And I am so happy that my daughters will have a sister because I couldn't imagine my life without mine.

We crack ourselves up.
When we were young, we were all really active in 4-H. And no, we didn't show any animals. It's where I developed my passion for sewing, making my first outfit at age 9 {A pair of red striped shorts and star spangled top. I am very patriotic, y'all.} and started cultivating my love for crafting. 

After high school, I went to college at Texas A&M University, where I met Collin, my hubby of 9 years. He was actually working for my dad at the time so I was the boss's daughter. Brave man, huh? I know it's been said before and it sounds cheesy and corny but I will say it anyways: I knew when I met him that he was the man that I was going to marry. True story. I am so glad that I was right. 

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We started dating in 2000 and got married in 2004. Collin already had a job in Houston so that's where I moved and we have been here ever since!

Collin with the other love of his life, his 1969 Karmann Ghia. I try not to be too jealous.
Collin is the most amazing man that I know. He is incredibly kind, very gregarious {the man has never met a stranger}, compassionate, funny, an outstanding father and devoted husband and he never complains when I need his help with a project. In fact, I think he actually enjoys it. He is my own personal handyman. Replacing sinks and faucets, wiring new lights or installing bead board...he does it all and usually with a smile on his face {especially if I bring him a Fat Tire beer}. Collin is very laid back. Nothing really ruffles his feathers. Which is a good thing when you have three kids all screaming at the same time. He is my absolute rock and I just adore him to pieces. {Oh, so I showed this post to him and he wanted me to also add that he likes to work on cars, he cooks dinner, he is a pro at washing dishes, can wash clothes but usually chooses not to fold them and sometimes vacuums. I told you he was funny.}

After four years of marriage, we decided to start a family and now here we are with three little munchkins running around. Well, one of them isn't running yet, but give her time. Give her time. 

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Evelyn (or Evie, as we call her) is my precocious four-year-old. She is full of energy and loves to be silly. I am constantly amazed by her creativity and her ideas. She enjoys coloring and drawing and will sit there with me or her NeeNee for hours, coming up with new scenes to fill a blank page. Evie is my little songbird. She is always singing and her taste in music is very eclectic; from Les Misérables to the Red Hot Chili Peppers to Bob Marley, she loves it all. Evie also loves to read and play with her dollhouse and it is not unusual for my little independent girl to want to have some time alone in her room so she can set up her doll furniture just the way she likes it. 

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Evie is such a sweet little girl. She loves hugging and kissing and cuddling and I am so glad that even though she is so independent, she still relishes snuggle time. I can't believe that my first little baby is this intelligent, thoughtful, precious little girl. I love everything about her. 

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Corbin is my two-year-old little man. He has just entered "the terrible twos" and while it hasn't been terrible by any stretch of the word, he is definitely testing out his limits. Corbin is still my little sweetheart, though. He is always hugging and smooching on everyone. Especially babies. He just LOVES babies. He is like his father in that he is not afraid to go up to anyone and make friends. Corbin loves being outside and is fascinated with nature and bugs. I am just waiting for that moment that I find a worm in his pocket when I am doing laundry.

Photo courtesy of Lerin Photography
Corbin likes to play with blocks, dinosaurs and cars and has recently started showing an interest in trains. Like his sister, he loves books and it is a daily occurrence for him to bring me a fat stack of books to read to him on the couch. It's one of my favorite times. I love my little man so much.

Lorelei is my brand new baby girl. Over a month old, she is doted on by everyone. Evie and Corbin love to give her kisses and hugs and I sometimes have to literally pull them away from her so she can nap in peace. She is already smiling and cooing and I love to just lay down with her on the floor and talk to her. Lorelei came out an excellent sleeper. Don't be too jealous though...I promise my first two kids were rough so I figured it was time I got a little break. 


Lorelei loves to sit in her little bounce seat and watch her older siblings play or sing for her. She has such an expressive face and she gives out smiles so freely. I love my sweet little baby girl to the moon and back. 

Photo courtesy of Kiss the Moon Photography
And then there's me! Before becoming a stay-at-home-mom, I was an ultrasound technician at a hospital downtown. In fact, I found out I was pregnant with Evie by scanning myself at work. Who needs a pregnancy test when you can ultrasound yourself, right? I love to read and I usually have three books going at a time. Right now I have The Book Thief, Little Women and Ambersley {which I will admit is a trashy romance novel...they can't all be classics}. I also love to watch movies {shout out to my movie buddy Emily!} and I almost always get a pickle if we are going to the theater. There is just something about those movie theater pickles. They are so good.

Photo courtesy of Lerin Photography
 My favorite craft-time is sewing and I am up in my little craft room at least two nights of the week working on projects. I enjoy Italian food, doughnuts, the beach, hunting for treasures at antique stores or thrift stores, planning trips, and listening to music just a little too loudly. I have been scuba diving and skydiving and going cage diving with great white sharks is on my bucket list. I have been to Tahiti, Egypt, Canada, and Mexico and I would love to go to Thailand for our ten year wedding anniversary.

 Well, that's just a little snippet about me and mine! Thanks for hanging around to learn more about the person behind the posts. Y'all come back now, ya hear?

p.s.-I am not used to talking about myself so much. I kinda feel like I just filled out a form for some online dating service. Wonder who I will be matched to. {crossing my fingers it's Channing Tatum or either of the Hemsworth brothers. Just kidding. I only want Chris.}

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