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Kids Halloween Activities {Guest Post from}

We are so excited to have our first guest poster here on Huckleberry Love. Our friend, Blythe, from is sharing some awesome kids Halloween activities with us to get us all in the spooky spirit of things! We also wanted to let you know that we are participating in a little House Warming giveaway with our friends over at Coffee With Us 3. Jamie and Emily have donated items from each of their Etsy shops to celebrate the big move to their own domain! Be sure to stop and by and enter to win. :)

Halloween is quickly approaching, and I’m starting to get excited about costumes, scary movies, and trick-or-treating! Out of all of the great things about All Hallow’s Eve, prepping my house with spooky decorations is my favorite way to get into the Halloween spirit. I always string my standard orange lights this time of year, but I also like to find some new decorations each year to keep things festive and fresh. has a ton of kids Halloween activities and DIY decorations, and I’ve picked a few of my favorites for decorating my house this Halloween season. While all of our activities are designed with kids in mind, the crafts listed below are also great for adults looking to make some stylish DIY decorations for their house this Halloween.
These glitter mini-pumpkins shine beautifully as centerpieces, mantlepiece toppers, or front porch decorations. Start by using a paintbrush to coat a real miniature pumpkin with craft glue, leaving the underside unpainted. Pour glitter onto a newspaper work surface, then roll your painted pumpkin in the glitter until mostly coated. Finish up by sprinkling and patting additional glitter on any exposed surfaces. Let your pumpkin dry completely before moving it from the newspaper surface.
Make a creepy glowing monster light for your home! Have your child help you brainstorm what a scary monster might look like, or look up some images online to get started. Carefully trace the outline of a monster on a piece of black construction paper, then cut out the shape. Loop some translucent tape to make double-sided tape, then attach several pieces to the back of your monster. Press the monster tape-side down to the outside of a clear glass vase or candle holder. Insert and light a candle, and watch your monster glow! These monster lights look great sitting in a row on a windowsill or table, or you can make large monster lights with bigger candles to cast a scary silhouette on the wall!
Trade out your traditional Jack-o’-lantern for a quirky and creative pumpkin design! This patterned pumpkin will stand out in a sea of glowing faces, and it’s a great craft for kids who are too young to carve Jack-o’-lanterns. Simply use washi tape, a colorful Japanese crafting tape, to create geometric designs and fun patterns. I’ve seen some great striped pumpkins, but you can also create chevron patterns, zig zags, checkerboards, or even stick figures! These patterned pumpkins are adorable, and look great during the day and at night. As a bonus, these washi tape pumpkins last much longer than a traditional Jack-o’-lantern!
I hope you try some of these stylish Halloween crafts for your house this year! If you want to see more, check out’s 13 Days of Halloween—our countdown of the best Halloween crafts, recipes, and activities for 2013. If you’re interested in joining us, you can download our haunted house advent calendar here, or follow along via E-mail by signing up for a free membership at!

How fun are these activities? I'm loving the glitter pumpkins! They'd be such a fun and easy decoration and could be decorations for all of Autumn! Thank you so much, Blythe, for sharing these great activities with us. :)

Also, in case you're wondering where our Friday Features are, we've decided to add them to our Much Ado About Monday post this week. Be sure to stop by Sunday night to link up and see if you were featured!

Have a great weekend!

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