Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Huckleberry Life: Introducing Jill

Welcome back to Huckleberry Life

Karla introduced herself a couple of weeks ago, and now it's my turn. So, let's start with the basics :-)

I'm Jill, mom, wife, teacher, crafter, seamstress, and head chef (in our house at least). I like to get involved in just about everything that I can. 

Photos courtesy of Lerin Photography
I have three sweet babies who make my world go round. Watching them grow has been an amazing journey. They are very close together in age (in August they were 3, 2, &1), so things can get crazy, but I wouldn't change it for the world. It's our beautiful chaos. 

Photos courtesy of Lerin Photography
Miss E, my four-year-old, is a fireball. She is strong, beautiful, determined, smart and full of personality. She was my first, and likes to remind her siblings. She amazes me every day with how bright she is, thinking about the world from such a different perspective. Anything having to do with learning, Miss E is right there, taking it in. Her new thing is carrying around a notebook and writing down her thoughts. A little blogger in the making ;-)

Photos courtesy of Lerin Photography

Mr. H, the middle guy, is my sweet boy. I thought I always wanted to have all girls, until I found out that I was having a boy. He looks exactly like Daddy. He is so loving, laid back, agile, all boy, and quiet. So quiet in-fact, that we've had some speech issues that we've been working through over the past year. I am happy to say that he is not afraid to put in his two cents now. He has finally come out of his shell.  I love listening to him talk and watching him make new friends. He's even started singing to us before he goes to bed. 

Photos courtesy of Lerin Photography
Little Miss E, the baby of the family, is a character. She is so funny, can turn on the stink face in a split second, and loves attention. She already tries to get us laughing at the dinner table, doing or saying goofy things. And with this one, we are not worried at all about talking. She will tell you what she wants, with her little strong voice. I guess the youngest of three has to be outspoken! Her favorite words are "No!" and "tay tou" for thank you. I just love this age!

I wouldn't be where I am today without my husband. He is my best friend, partner in crime, and an amazing dad. He works as a mechanical engineer in the oil and gas industry. We met while on co-op for engineering in college. I posted on facebook that I was going snowboarding and he asked to go along. 

This was our first date on the slopes. 
Six months later, we were engaged. 

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Mott Photography
Six months after that, we were pregnant! We fell in love in Chicago and then moved back home to Ohio. We kept our original wedding date and were married with a small ceremony and reception with close family and friends. 

Photos courtesy of Jennifer Mott Photography

And the rest is history!

Finally, there's me! I was born in Texas, but bounced back and forth from the lone star state to Ohio, where all of my extended family is. Luckily grandma is down here to help. 

I'm a stay at home mom, but I also get out to teach at a local college part time. I teach everyone's favorite subject-- math (gasp! No really, it's not that bad.) I come from a math background. My mom was a math teacher, my dad in construction, my brother an engineer, and my other brother an accountant. I guess it just runs in my DNA or something, but I'm pretty sure my husband and I passed the gene on to our kids. 

I love staying at home and raising our kids more than anything else. Some days are rough and others are filled with giggles and play, but all in all, it's the best job that anyone could ask for. 
Multitasking is key for this momma!
When I'm not busy playing with the kids or teaching, I'm crafting, cooking, or sewing. Yep, we're busy over here. I even put my husband to work on projects! (Shhh, he secretly likes it!) 

So there you have it. That's my story, well at least part of it. I'll be sharing more every 5 weeks, whether it be about a fun day that we had as a family or something that's been weighing on my mind. Thanks for stopping by! 

And stay tuned for an exciting announcement this week!!!

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