Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Huckleberry Life: Introducing Jamie

As you all know for the last few weeks, us ladies here at Huckleberry Love have been officially introducing ourselves and giving you a deeper peek into our lives. Well, this week is my turn, so on that note..

Hey everyone, I'm Jamie!!
Before I talk about anything else I have to tell you about my family. They are the most important people in my life so it only makes sense that I talk about them first. :)

I have two beautiful daughters, Miss J just turned 4 last week and Little B will be 2 in December. They are the true joys of my life and every single day is a little brighter because of them!
Miss J is my incredibly sweet, sensitive, artistic and chatty little lady. She is the truest of true social butterflies and will charm the pants off of anyone who gets within a few feet of her. She loves to dance, colour and sing and is my little performer. She reminds me so much of myself sometimes that it's scary. She is also the epitomy of girly girl; dresses, bows, lip gloss and nail polish are staples for this little diva. :) She is also incredibly smart and amazes me sometimes with her vocabulary and the way she can reference back to almost any event.

She was my first and showed me the incredible joy of being a mom. I love her to bits and could not ask for more!
Little B is the polar opposite of her older sister. It is amazing to me how different they are, but I can't believe how much I enjoy experiencing their different personalities! Little B is my spunky little ball of energy. She keeps me on my toes and is always finding a new way to expand her horizons (and I mean by getting into everything and having absolutely no fear). Her incredible independence and zest for life is such a joy to experience. I love how much she looks up to and enjoys being around her older sister but is also so fun to see her puff up with pride when it is just her and I (while Miss J is in school). While not as vocal as her sister, she amazes me with how smart she is and how much she has been paying attention to without me even realizing it. Everyday she surprises me with some new word she says or thing that she does. She is definitely the athlete of the two and will drop anything to hang out with her daddy. A true little tomboy who loves to throw on a dress and a bow every so often. This little munchkin makes me laugh constantly and I am so proud to say I am her momma!

These two little ladies remind me everyday why my biggest goal in life was to be a mom. I couldn't imagine my life without them and am thankful always to be so blessed to have them!
And these two little loves wouldn't have been possible without the love of my life, Dwayne. Our courtship was a very quick whirlwind that began in our favourite Country Bar, where he got my attention by throwing ice cubes at me (I know, who does that). But, it obviously worked and 9 months later we were pregnant, getting married and moving to Texas!

Both Dwayne and I were born and raised in Canada and transplanted down here to Houston with the oil and gas industry. He is a mechanical engineer who now works as a Business Unit Manager for the Americas for his company-. Dwayne is a true guy's guy and is involved in all things 'boy'. He plays hockey, golfs, hunts, fishes, does water sports, is an incredible sports fan and rides a Harley. :) And on top of all of that, he is an amazing father! The girls adore him and I love how the house explodes with giggles and cheers whenever he walks in the door. He has an incredible patience with them and loves to include them in everything he does, including making breakfast for us all every. single. weekend!
He is my true soul mate and in the words of Dr. Evil, he completes me. ;)

And, as for me, well, I am high energy, always positive (probably annoyingly so at times) and always up for anything. I love to be active, which suits perfectly for my hyper, always on the go hubby. I play soccer, love water sports (I am a certified advanced PADI diver), am a few times a week gym goer, and love to get dirty. But not everything in my life has to be active. I also LOVE to crochet and if you're a follower know that I am doing it almost all of the time. It is my zen and really calms me if I'm feeling stressed or had a rough day. And because of my obsession love for it I recently started an Etsy shop called Eimajinations which has been really fun so far. I also love to travel and have been to some pretty amazing places. Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Alaska are a few of my most memorable ventures.

I originally went to school to be a police officer, but decided that being a full time mom was my number one goal. I am so lucky to be able to stay home with my girls, it definitely keeps me busy and I truly think it is the best job in the world for me!!
Thank you so much for coming to find out a little bit more about me. I am so looking forward to sharing more with you again soon!! :)


  1. I miss your craziness! And you're also going to need to teach me how to crochet... there's this blanket I found online and I am not willing to pay $100 for it!

    1. Haha, definitely! It's lots of fun to do, I love how relaxing it is. :)