Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Four Fabulous Halloween Printables

I usually love to decorate for Halloween. Last year, I went all out and had ghosts in my fireplace, spiders at my windows and skulls on my mantle. The kids got such a kick out of it and I was really sad to put it all away. I couldn't wait to pull it out this year, dust off that poison bottle {or not...because it adds to the whole decor, not because I'm lazy} and set it all up again.

However, with a new baby in the house, I decided to make my life a smidge easier and only pull out my fall decor, which is mostly pumpkins. Sad, I know, but a girl's got to cut corners sometimes!

But that's why I LOVE printables. I can print one of these babies out, slap it in a frame and throw it up on the mantle with my pumpkins and voilà! Now I have decorated for Halloween. Simple, cheap, and spooky...what could be better?

Funny you should ask. I will tell you! Having FIVE fabulous printables to choose from. That's right, all of the ghouls girls here at Huckleberry Love have designed an easily downloadable printable just for you guys! 
So whip out that empty frame and display one of these spook-tacular prints in your house and don't let anyone tell you that you haven't decorated for Halloween!





We hope these help make your house just a little creepier!

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  1. Hi Lydia! Great printables and perfect for some last minute Halloween decorating! Thanks so much for sharing and pinning! Hope you have a wonderful Thursday!