Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Features {No. 25}

Happy Fall, Y'all!

And a happy Friday as well! It looks like we all survived the first week back to school for all our little ones. 
While none of our kiddos started the big K this year {kindergarten, that is}, quite a few of our huckleberries started some sort of school for the first time. My own little man is going just two days a week and is away from mommy for the first time ever at my church's Mother's Day Out program. He did fantastic his first week! No tears were him at least. While I am looking forward to some time to tackle those last minute errands and projects before baby #3 makes his/her appearance, it has been so strange to be at home and have it so quiet. Very eerie. 

Obviously, someone is VERY excited about his first day of school.
While fall doesn't official start until September 22, I think I can speak for all of us when I say we are more than ready for it to get here! Along with cooler temperatures. {C'mon, Texas! How are we suppose to wear our cute fall sweaters and scarves when it is 95 degrees outside?} We kick-started autumn this week by showcasing Karla's beautiful fall wreath and mantle and Jaime shared some fun back to school printables so be sure to check 'em out if you haven't already!  

Now on to our picks for this week! 

Emily's Pick

Maple and Toffee Autumn Muddy Buddies via Just Dip It In Chocolate

 Maple and Toffee Autumn Muddy Buddies Recipe, welcome Autumn and Fall with a batch of these delicious Muddy Buddies, drizzled with Buttery Maple Syrup, Cookie Butter and other goodies!

Karla's Pick

Whipped Feta Crostini via One Little Project

Whipped Feta Crostini Recipe - an amazing appetizer idea!

Jamie's Pick

Mason Jar Chandelier via Day2Day SuperMom

Mason Jar Chandelier ~ DIY Friday

  Jill's Pick

Reversible Toddler Bucket Hat via Coffee with Us 3

Lydia's Pick

Creamy Pesto Pasta via This Silly Girl's Life

Creamy Pesto Pasta recipe from #Pesto #Basil #Pasta #Creamy 

Please feel free to grab our "I was Featured" button and display it as a symbol of your victory. Or just to brag. Whichever works for ya.

Thanks for stopping by y'all and have a fantastic weekend!


  1. aww your kids are so cute! I couldn't help but smile ^_^

  2. Thank you so very much for featuring my Chandelier! Awesome! =)

  3. I've been computerless for a couple weeks, but just stopped by to check out the features I missed and saw my hat! Thank you so much for featuring my work! I love this party!