Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fabric Crown {Tutorial}

Over the weekend, I joined up with a good friend and hosted a birthday party for our girls. Their birthdays are super close, and they get along so well, that we decided to have their 4th, yes I said FOURTH, birthday party at their favorite gym and dance spot, the little gym. Four just seems like a big deal to me for some reason. Anyways, it was so much fun and I'm so happy with how it turned out! 

So we started planning this way back in like March... I know, I'm a control freak planner. We let the birthday girls pick the theme.  Since they LOVE Jake & The Neverland Pirates, and Disney Princesses (of course!), they, along with our help, went with a princess and pirate theme. 

Miss E & Miss M were decked out in tutu's, 4 shirts, and were totally surprised at cake time with their very own crowns and swords. And because we knew that all of the little princesses and pirates would love them, we decided to make them as favors. They turned out super cute! 

Although the lace crowns that I shared a few weeks back are gorgeous, they wont hold up well to preschooler play. These fabric crowns have fared much better. I don't know of any princess that wouldn't love one of these!

To make your own, you'll need:
Fabric (how much? It depends on how many you're making. This is a great scrap project)
Interfacing (I used a medium weight iron on, but you could go as stiff as you'd like)
Elastic (I found a super cute purple frilly elastic over in the notions section at Joann's)
Coordinating thread
Jewels (optional)
Glitter spray (optional)

First, iron your interfacing to the back of the fabric that you'll be using. Then go ahead and cut out your crown shape. We made one on Silhouette, but I forgot to buy new carrier sheets, so we ended up tracing and cutting them on our own. Either way works! When cutting them on our own, we figured out the best option was to fold it in half and cut both the front and back sides at once. 

Next, size the crown on your little one's head and cut the elastic. I ran out of elastic for a couple and used some infant headbands that we had never used. I knew I hung onto those for a reason :-)

Fold the crown, wrong sides together, and sandwich the elastic on both edges. Pin in place.

Sew around all edges. I chose to skip the circles and just to do points. 

Cover up those points with some stick on jewels. I will probably go back and hot glue or maybe even sew these jewels in place, but with 10 crowns, I went with easy :-) And then for the extra special glitter coat of paint!

These came together so easy! For the Swords, we did the same thing, but with heavy duty interfacing. Add a name tag and ring pop, and you've got a perfectly fun party favor!


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