Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Exciting Announcement & 15 Spectacular Nurseries {Round-Up}

Our Blog Keeps Growing and Growing!

We are so excited about how our blog has been flourishing since we started it back in December! From our weekly link party {where we meet so many new friends and love to see familiar faces} to the numerous features we have been fortunate enough to receive {thanks blog buddies!}, we are really happy with how things are evolving with our little snippet of the internet. We truly love sharing our projects and our ideas with you guys and are so humbled that you continue to read and follow along with us.

In the spirit of things changing, we wanted to let you know that there will a minor adjustment to the catch phrase of our blog come the end of September. Instead of reading "11 Kids", it will be altered to say "12 Kids, 5 Moms, 1 Blog". That's because I am expecting a sweet little huckleberry to add to the mix come the end of next month. Yay!

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This will be our third child and we have decided to not find out the gender of the baby this time around. For both our other kids, we knew by week 14 what we were having so this added suspense really makes this pregnancy special. Or stressful. Actually, a little bit of both. {I'm a planner people...I am dying over here!!!} It has been really fun letting people guess what I am having though. Both camps {girl vs. boy} are SO sure that they are right for all sorts of strange reasons.

Because we don't know the sex of the baby, I have decided to hold off on making anything for the nursery just yet. I have settled on an elephant theme for the nursery {love those pachyderms!} with gray and yellow being the predominate colors. But I am waiting on the boy or girl verdict before I add that extra splash of color {purple for girl, blue or red for boy}. So be looking for some baby-themed posts coming up in the next few months.

Right now though, since I am still in a holding pattern, I have satisfied my mommy urges to decorate and nest by pouring over nurseries on Pinterest and have complied a list of my favorite 15 nurseries at the moment. While they aren't exactly what I am wanting to do with my little huckleberry's room, they inspire me and I love to look over them and just soak in the beautiful and thoughtful design in each room. I hope you enjoy them too!

via The Honeybee

05 grey & yellow nursery
via Camp Clem

via 6th Street Design School

via Indianapoluxe

Vintage Circus Nursery
via HoneyBear Lane

via Apartment Therapy

via Hello Bee

via Paiges of Style

via Chic & Cheap Nursery

via How Joyful

via Shabby Addict
via Melanie Knopke

via Lillie's Blog

via Home by Heidi

via Newly Woodwards

See what I mean? Just looking at these rooms makes me want to go and start decorating {must...resist...urge}.

So, what do you think? Care to take a guess if the next little addition to our blog family will be a boy or a girl?


  1. Wonderful compilation of nursery theme! Congrats on your expectant bundle of joy. I'm due in October myself and my husband and I are team green too. It's such an exciting time! Look forward to your posts.

    Tenns @ New Mama Diaries

    1. Thanks Tennsley!Congratulations to you as well! I love that: Team Green. I may have to borrow that phrase. :)

  2. Beautiful nurseries! I am having my baby tomorrow! YAY! We like the surprise,too, so I haven't decorated either. Best of luck to you!

  3. Congratulations :) I don't think I could ever wait for the gender, I am a planner, too!