Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Last Minute Father's Day Gift

Most holidays, I am on the ball as far as gifts go. I almost always have plans ahead of time and am in no rush to finish. With all that has been going on in our household (moving, going on our first road trip with all three kiddos, and prepping the kids for a wedding), I kind of fell behind on this one. 
My husband is an amazing father and I am so thankful for all that he does and puts up with. He deserves a gift that he will truly enjoy, and I feel like we've done all of the traditional father's day gifts already. The key to my husband's heart is definitely through his stomach. Coincidence that we started dating after a batch of homemade cupcakes? I think not ;-) That's how I came up with this super cute Father's day gift. 

He loves Reeses Pieces (who doesn't!?!), so I filled some spare mason jars with the candy and made a cute label. And you can't forget about Papa and Paw. These gifts are so quick and easy. Make one for all of the dad's in your life. They are sure to enjoy!
You'll need:
Mason jars & lids
Card stock, I found a great deal on some bookmarks
Patterned paper
Letter Stickers
Reeses Pieces
First, trace the lid insert on patterned paper. Cut and place in between collar and lid. If you want it to stay in place, glue to the insert. If you have your silhouette handy, this project would be easy peasy!
Next, find a shape that you like for your label. I chose a tie, and just drew it freehand. Trace it on to the card stock and cut. This is where I used the bookmarks with nice little holes already punched in. I chose to layer the pattern paper on top of the bookmark to create a more sturdy label. These have to make it up to Ohio in the car!

Tie twine to mason jar neck, looping through your cardstock label. 
Trace the shape onto the patterned paper. Cut. Apply message on the patterned paper shape. 
Glue patterned paper onto cardstock label. Don't forget to fill the jar with the Reeses Pieces ;-) Close the lid and you're done!
This gift totally makes up for how last minute it was. We're also giving dad a little picture frame decorated by the kids and a cute little questionnaire. I know he'll love everything! 

What are you planning on giving this Father's day?

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  1. What a great idea! My hubby loves Reese's Pieces so this would be perfect for him. :)