Monday, March 11, 2013

Easter Egg Garland {Tutorial}

Oh spring, how I have missed you! I just love the fresh colors, warm Texas weather, and spring break :-) That's right, I don't have to teach my evening and weekend classes this week! Happy dance! So what have I been doing with my time? I thought the kids would love some Easter decor to brighten up the playroom. Here's what we've got going on so far:

I think it turned out so cute! The best part- it cost me absolutely nothing to make both the artwork and garland! The kids had more fun playing limbo with the egg garland than with it hanging, but I know my daughter loves the rainbow of colors. She is so proud that she 'helped' make it too :-) 

I found this tutorial on Pinterest for the Easter egg garland, but made a few changes. If you want to make your own, this is what you'll need:

Paint chips and Embroidery floss. That's it! 

I used the Behr paint chips that have four colors on them. That way, I could get two eggs out of each chip. Now to be fair to Home Depot, I did make a major purchase when I collected these paint samples and we will be buying some paint in the near future. Also some love to Behr: they make the best paint. Just sayin'. I grew up around construction and we always used Behr paint.

So first, fold your paint chips in half. 

Next find a clip art egg shape. I found one on my iPhone, zoomed in to make it the right size, and traced it (with a soft tipped marker) onto freezer paper. Once I cut it out, I used it as my stencil for the eggs. This is the shape I ended up with.

Now you just need to draw the egg shape and cut it out. Make sure to line the stencil up so that the white line 'cuts' the egg in half. By folding each paint chip in half, you can cut out two eggs at once. 

Next, make holes in the eggs to hang them.This is where I made some changes. In the original post, she says to use a super small hole punch. I don't have one of those, so I thought right away to sew them across the white line. One problem, I wanted them to hang from the top instead of the middles. So I had my husband drill holes in them with his smallest drill bit. He just stacked them up, clamped them down, and drilled two holes. I am way too cheap to buy a hole punch that I'll never use again!

String them and hang them. I also added a bit of hot glue on the back to hold the eggs in place.

I'm so happy that I added these to our spring decor. Peter Cottontail was pretty easy too! Just some scrap wood, paint, and silhouette cut stencils, and you can make your own :-)

What's your favorite part of spring?

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