Thursday, January 24, 2013

Calling All Firemen...It's one hot party!

I absolutely love planning parties for my little ones. So when my little guy was going to be turning two, I was so excited to start planning his birthday celebration. He is such a boy’s boy. He loves trucks, cars, vehicles with loud siren noises, etc. I came up with the idea of a Fireman Birthday party for him and a group of our friends. He LOVED it! Here are a few highlights:

For all of you January birthdays, you know how tough it is to get things together for a party in the weeks after Christmas. To get a head start, I ordered all of the supplies right after Thanksgiving. My husband thought I was crazy when that Amazon box arrived ;) I usually make invitations, but I was so busy with the holidays that I bought these
I had everyone meet at the fire department that happens to be right around the corner from our house. I called ahead and scheduled a tour complete with a little educational session from the firemen.

This turned out to be so much fun! Bonus: It is completely free. This is actually the 2nd time I’ve scheduled a tour for our mom’s group. The kids love it, they learn about fire safety, and also to not be afraid of a fireman when he’s dressed up to save them in an emergency.

The firemen were so good with the kids and let them kind of explore the station and the trucks. I made sure to send some cupcakes their way! Thanks guys!

After the station, everyone headed over to our house for a birthday bash.  I decorated our house with red and black balloons, streamers, all of our fire truck toys, and a special birthday banner.

Of course no fireman party is complete without fireman hats. The kids looked super cute in these and my little guy actually wore his for more than 5 minutes! They also doubled as treat bags for the piñata. 

We had a build your own fire truck craft that I made with my silhouette,

 pin the badge on the fire dog,

and a pull string piñata. Check out my simple tutorial on how to make your own!

For his cake, I used a wilton cake pan and Emily scored a super cute Merri Merri cupcake kit for me at a great price.

They came out so cute!

The party turned out so well! I am so happy that all of the kids enjoyed the fire station visit and had so much fun at my little guy’s party. If you’re thinking about having a fireman themed party, go for it! We had a blast!

A special thanks to all of those hard working firemen out there. We really appreciate all that you do!

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  1. Was a little boy's dream party! My boy still pulls up photos of him in the truck on my phone to admire.

  2. Thanks Kathy! I have a cute pic of Ethan sitting in it. I'll send it your way when I get to doing photos :)

  3. Super cute party! Would you mind sharing where you got the firetruck silhouette file?